Our Farmers

Why a cooperative?
Everyone knows there is strength in numbers. Small-scale food producers, working independently, have a tough time earning enough from sales to stay afloat in a competitive market. As farmers, we are working our fields everyday, growing and harvesting the freshest food possible. Many can’t afford to visit potential customers and seek out new markets because they are so busy in the field. Farmer cooperatives keep farmers growing the food we love because they can pool resources and share expenses. Together, they are stronger.

Our Members
Sun Produce is a growing group of local, small farmers practicing sustainable agriculture practices in Central Arizona.


  • Maya Dailey, Maya’s Farm
  • Mattie Serna, Mind Wrought LLC
  • Gail Cochrane, Roosevelt Center for Sustainability
  • Mark Rhine, Rhiba Farms
  • Frank Martin, Crooked Sky Farms
  • Jim Hagedorn, J and J Poms
  • Dave Brady, Bar-B Produce
  • Troy Albright, True Garden
  • Janna Anderson, Pinnacle Farms
  • David Vose, Blue Sky Organic Farms

Buyers and Food & Agriculture Marketing Enthusiast Members:

  • Chef Ned, Intentional Foods
  • Kristen Osgood, Stern Produce
  • Stewart Jacobsen, Arizona Department of Agriculture
  • Cindy Gentry, Maricopa County Department of Public Health
  • Chris George, Third Acre Farms
  • Rita French, ASU Engrained
  • Anthony Kamson, Kamson Financial
  • Richard Starling, Arizona Community Land Trust
  • John Penry, Penry Consulting
  • Kate Radosevic, Local First Arizona Foundation